The other end of the telescope – a dozen ways to guarantee rejection

Last year I was invited by Shaun Levin, the creative force behind Writing Maps ( to become co-Editor of The A3 Review, a biannual arts magazine that unfolds like a map. It publishes micro-fiction, poetry, artwork and creative non-fiction via themed monthly contests and has variously been described (by reviewers and contributors) as ‘cool’, ‘brilliant’ [...]

An Evening Of Short Fiction

So, this should be fun. I've been asked to be the main guest speaker at Novel Nights on June 19th at the Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol.  Novel Nights is a regular live literary event showcasing and supporting excellent writing and authors at all stages of their career. I will be talking about how writing and [...]

Flash fiction, Bath and utter filth

I was part of a fun evening of flash fiction readings in Bath last week. It was a packed house, an excellent atmosphere and brought home to me how good this type of fiction is for reading events. Literary festival organisers should take note - flash works! The event was organised by Jude Higgins, who [...]

Writer pats himself on the back for doing okay

I am discovering that as a writer, it's important to occasionally take some time out and assess what you have achieved recently. After all, no-one else is going to do that for you. Plus it makes a pleasant change from either writing, worrying about writing, worrying about not writing, lying awake wondering why your writing has become utter arse [...]

An interview at The Short Story

Hello website, it's been a while, did you miss me? Anyway, here's a brief news item and a shameless plug. I was given an opportunity to wax lyrical (or as lyrical as I can get) about short stories, writing, publishing etc, over at The Short Story, a website set up to celebrate and publish anything [...]