Good News 2: Gem Street Short Story Anthology out now

IMG_1377It is always a good start to the day when the delivery man rocks up to hand over some books crisp new books – especially when said books have one of your own stories in it.

This morning I got hold of my copies of the Gem Street Beyond The Axis Anthology, from Labello Press in Ireland.

I was lucky enough to get a wining place in Labello’s competition last year with a story called The Rules of Caketin James, about a teenage girl struggling to come to terms with loss. Trust me, the story is more upbeat than it sounds and has some top notch profanity.

According to the introduction, the anthology itself is a mix of the odd, the surreal, the outrageous and the unsettling – a celebration of what lies on the other side of normal. Sounds like an interesting read to me!

You can win a copy of the book by liking and sharing a post on the Labello Press Facebook Page.

Alternatively, the book is available to buy direct from the Labello Press website.