Good News 1: Structo Magazine, Watership Down & Karma

Subs1Here’s the skinny – I was at the loosest of loose ends a little while ago. One of those loose end scenarios which can lead to one of three things:

Thing One: You do something you regret, like signing up for a cult or finding yourself on an impromptu £5 flight to unpronounceable European destination with nothing but a airport shop toothbrush for company.

Thing Two: You drift without committing to anything – I could eat there, I could have a pint of beer there, I could watch this pitch black European misery-fest at my local fleapit cinema. In the end you can’t make up your mind to do anything.

Thing Three: You stumble, quite accidentally on something good.

I was on course for Thing Two and starting to get thoroughly grumpy when I somehow managed to steer into Thing Three without really trying. Long story short, I found an old copy of Structo magazine. I sat down. I read some stuff. It was good. I read some more stuff. Quality was maintained.

It lodged in my mind and when I got home, I found Structo’s home on the web and sent something off to them. And now they have got back to me to say my short story On A Red Eye Heading East is due for publication in the next Structo edition.

Okay, so that’s a very roundabout way of saying ‘writer gets story published’. But I’m particularly pleased with inclusion in this magazine because past issues have seen some interviews with some memorable writers, including Richard Adams (author of Watership Down, which had a massive influence on my childhood); Ian Banks; Margaret Attwood and David Constantine (poet and short story writer).

I think the next edition is out later this year. from various venues in the UK and from some select outlets in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. Previous editions of Structo are available from its website.