National Flash Fiction Day, writing opportunities and asparagus

eatingIt occurs to me that National Flash Fiction Day is a little bit like asparagus (please bear with me, this analogy will genuinely go somewhere). Firstly it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and nurture – which is why flash fiction writers applaud the hard work of Calum Kerr and his merry band of editors and readers in creating this annual event.

Secondly, just as the asparagus season is short (unless you cheat and buy asparagus that tastes mainly of air miles) so the National Flash Fiction Day fun comes and goes quite quickly. Which, given that flash is all about getting in there and delivering a story quick and hard, is very appropriate.

And thirdly, just as the asparagus season gives enthusiasts an opportunity to stuff their faces with green goodness, so National Flash Fiction Day (NFFD) produces a bumper crop of highly digestible flash stories and events.

That’s probably enough about asparagus – the analogy is officially wilted and overcooked. However, there’s plenty more to say about NFFD, not least that the annual Flash Flood is already in full spate over at the The Flash Flood Journal, with plenty of work from familiar names.

Elsewhere, the 2015 NFFD Micro-Fiction Competition is open (Closes midnight, May 15th, 2015). For those who like things really lean, this is a 100 word maximum story competition that selects contemporary micro-fiction from all over the world. Ten winners will be published in the 2015 NFFD Anthology (as well as receiving other prizes) so get honing. Full details on how to enter are available on the National Flash Fiction Day website. 

nffd_bannerAnd then there’s the NFFD buggy – the 2015 Anthology. This is open for submissions and also has a closing date of May 15th. This year the theme is Geography and the word limit is 500 words. All writers who have a story selected for the anthology will receive a free print copy of the book upon publication. Full submission guidelines again via the National Flash Fiction Day website

There will also be NFFD events taking place all over the UK, so keep up to date or send your event details via

So get writing, get reading, get flashing. And always remember, unlike asparagus, flash fiction is not known to make your urine smell strange!