Aesthetica Annual Anthology 2015

CWA-Cover-med-340It was good to get another anthology through the letterbox this weekend. It sounds very twee, but it was almost like getting a Christmas present.

This one was the Aesthetica Magazine Annual Anthology 2015 and I was lucky enough that one of my stories, along with 19 others, had been chosen from more than a thousand entries to their Creative Writing Award.

I’m building up an increasing number of publications now. Most satisfaction lies in those times, which are few, infuriatingly sporadic and sometimes difficult to spot, when you realise you have become a slightly better writer.

But there’s always a frisson – one I recognise from my journalism days – to seeing your name in print and having a book in your hands to which you have contributed. This one has a fine cover and my story is in some good writing company.

Copies can be picked up direct from Aesthetica’s online shop, just in case anyone reading this was interested…