The absent writer and the dusty blog

blue and white illustrationI know…it’s been a while and well, you and me Blog, we don’t have the sort of relationship where we meet up every day. We’re just not like that and frankly, I wouldn’t want us to be.

Thing is Blog, when I come by it’s because I really want to do something with you, not just because I think I ought to. Sure, I might not be the best writer at keeping in touch, but at least when I’m around I make an effort.

So here’s the thing, I was flat out in June. Really busy. A mix of being worked over by The Man (who gave me a few low punches below the belt) but also fun stuff – going away at weekends, pretending to be a hipster in London, getting terribly refreshed with friends in Dorset. And I was, quite literally, getting my house in order.

Yep, I was that kind of busy.

But I’m getting back to business now Blog, you’re gonna see a bit more of me these next few weeks and months. I’ve got a post about my creative process coming up as part of a blog tour that I kind of forgot I was supposed to do but didn’t really.

And I’ve got news too. There’s been some moderate successes in quick succession recently. In no particular order I’m pleased to have:

1. Received a copy of An Earthless Melting Pot 2 which features my short story Biological and stories from a number of other writers. Buy it and support Words With Jam to keep giving a place for new writers to get published.

2. Been longlisted or shortlisted at: Exeter Short Story Prize; Bath Short Story Award; Bristol Short Story Prize (this one is ongoing). Is it me or does the West Country have an large number of competitions for short story writers (this is not a complaint by the way Blog, merely an observation).

3. Got my copies of the anthology Conspicious Accents, from Longbridge Books in Canada. It’s a selection, so the jacket says, of Accenti Magazine’s finest stories of the first 10 years. Interestingly I spied a story from Nuala Ni Chonchuir there too. Nice to have a bit of local company…

So Blog, thanks for letting me come back. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time…