Well Read Authors Service

reading5I’m launching a new service for authors to help them build their author platform. You can find out details about it at http://www.wellreadauthors.co.uk but basically I am offering consultations (and a small book launch package) to help authors raise their profile.

I think I’ve got a great blend of skills for this. After all I’m a writer myself, but also I’ve been involved in journalism, communications and the media for around 20 years, so I also know about how to get stories out there.

So, what’s an author platform you ask? Good question. It may sound a bit of marketing dross, but in reality it’s just what authors have been doing for years – building a readership by promoting themselves and their writing. This process has been revolutionised by the rise of self-publishing and social media (from Twitter to GoodReads).

There’s plenty of generic information out there, but I thought there was room for a service which was a bit more bespoke and tailored to the author themselves. It’s not about hard-selling books, but about getting people interested in you, the author, so that they are more likely to purchase a book either because they have heard about you or have become interested in what you say about your subject matter.

Anyway, there’s plenty of details on the website and I’m hoping to be able to work with some interesting and enthusiastic authors.